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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

The Better Daily Star Project. FAQ

Is this design just a static prototype?
Nope. This will behave like a normal newspaper. In other words, if you open it tomorrow first thing in the morning, you'll find all the articles of tomorrow's Daily Star there. This can be a perfect alternative website for you to check with you warm cup of morning coffee.

Why am I doing it. What's the point?
Well, I am trying to say this: If one guy (yours humbly) can use freely available opensource software (wordpress if you must know) to create this alternative, arguably better website in two weeks, why can't a newspaper with an actual IT department do it? In other words, I'm shooting down the argument that it would be too expensive to do. Listen to me well: They're just being lazy.

But isn't this Illegal?
Probably. But I'm not making any money out of it (in fact, I'm paying some in effort and hosting fees), and I promise that as soon as they do something about their site, I'll gladly bow out. Besides, it will cost them more to sue me than to actually fix their site and let me off their back.

What about those ads?
IF you find ads in the #BDSP rest assured that they are fake. I just want to tell the Daily Star folks that just because a website is nice doesn't mean you can't have ads in there. We want you to make money and thrive because we want you to stay around in a few years.

Euh.. #BDSP ??
That's short for: Better Daily Star Project. Very helpful in Twitter (my twitter is @beirutspring)

Anything else I should know?

Yes, below are some important notes on the project

-The aim of #BDSP is not to steal away viewers from the Daily Star's website. It's to regain back readers who have left them in frustration. In fact, the DS should pay us to do this :)

-This project is not meant in any way to hurt the reputation of the Daily Star. The point of this project is to try to steer the Daily Star's website away from what we believe is the wrong course

-When the Daily Star finally puts a better website in place, this project will no longer have to exist. Our mission will be done. In fact, we will turn into their biggest cheerleaders

- We completely respect intellectual property rights. We never pretend that we own this stuff or that we wrote the articles, this is why this project strives to make the correct attributions to each and every article

For more questions, you can always send me an email to beirutspring at gmail d0t com

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